Mega Knight

Mega Knight in Clash Mini. Stats, skills, abilities, stars, strategies, team builds, skins, clash, passive, boast.
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update 19/07/2022

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Mega Knight


A very tanky Mini that starts with 15 HP, the Mega Knight is all about taking all the hits to build up energy so it can unleash its super to stun surrounding enemies. With a costly energy of 8, Mega Knight can use its super to deal damage in a square shape area (3x3) and stun affected enemies. Works great against teams that have no ways to get past your tank, especially with its Dark Armor upgrade to build up energy faster because of all the attacks he takes.

Skill: Skyfall

"Super: Stomp the ground to damage and stun nearby enemies"

Deals 1 damage and stuns enemies in a square-shaped area (3x3).

Star Upgrades


"Skyfall +2s Stun Duration"

Skyfall Damage becomes 2


"Skyfall affects a much larger area"

Area of effect becomes 5x5 square.

Dark Armor

"Being hit generates 2 Energy, attacks generate 0 Energy"

Stats by Star

Damage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost
0★ 1160.58

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