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update 13/05/2022

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Prince is a melee-type Mini with a clash ability that can rush forward to hit, stun, and knockback the first enemy hit. This also comes at a risk of stunning itself if it misses any enemy and hits a wall. Its clash effect is great at removing an enemy's tank temporarily so your other Minis don't focus them, or deal with the enemy's backline. This also puts Prince to the enemy's side pretty fast, allowing it to enter the fight quickly.

Skill: Charge!!!

"Clash: Charge foward, dealing damage and pushing back enemy on hit. Crashing against the edge will stun Prince briefly."

Deals 3 damage, knocks back about 2 tiles, and stuns affected enemy for 4 seconds. This ability can be cancelled by effects that are faster like Fisherman's clash.

Star Upgrades

Long Lance

"Charge!!! gains +5 damage"

Clash effect damage will become 8.


"Boast: HUGE speed bonus for 6s"

True Friend

"K.O.:Your old pal, Pony, fights on!!"

Pony has 5 HP, deals 1 damage per hit, and can occasionally knockback an enemy 1 tile and stuns them for ? seconds.

Stats by Star

Damage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost
0★ 2100.4--





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