Magic Archer

Magic Archer in Clash Mini. Stats, skills, abilities, stars, strategies, team builds, skins, clash, passive, boast.
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update 19/07/2022

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Magic Archer


Magic Archer is a ranged damage dealer type Mini with a piercing effect to deal with multiple enemies and a great counter effect to deal with blocking or shielding enemies. Best time to bring it out is if your opponent likes to place multiple Mini/Hero in a single column so you can take advantage of the pierce effect. Getting Drain will let you prevent them from using their super, or go with Shatter if your opponent uses several block/shield type Minis/Hero.

Skill: Magic Arrow

"Attacks have Pierce"

Arrows will go through enemies hit, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through.

Star Upgrades

Steel Tips

"Fires 3 arrows after attacking twice"

Bandit Excitement

"Boast: +50% Hit Speed for 6s, stacking up to 3 times
Boast: After defeating an enemy"

Bandit Cloak

"Clash: gain invisible for 6s
Clash: Cast when battle starts"

Stats by Star

Damage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost
0★ 2, 3 (with Steel Tips)60.35--
1★2, 3 (with Steel Tips)80.5--
2★2, 3 (with Steel Tips)100.65--
3★2, 3 (with Steel Tips)120.8--


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Celtic Archer

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