Dart Goblin

Dart Goblin in Clash Mini. Stats, skills, abilities, stars, strategies, team builds, skins, clash, passive, boast.
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update 18/06/2022

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Dart Goblin


Dart Goblin is a single target focus ranged damage dealer that works similarly to the Barbarian, being able to continuously build up his attack speed as he attacks. The big difference is that Dart Goblin costs 3 elixirs. He's easier to protect because he's ranged, and one of Dart Goblin's upgrades gives it a chance to stun the enemy when it attacks, but he only has a range of 3 tiles.

Skill: Dart Master

"Each attack increases attack speed"

Star Upgrades

Long Shot

"Gain infinite Attack Range"


"Boast: +1 ATK for 6s
Boast: After defeating an enemy"

Power Shot

"Deals 2X damage against enemies with Block or Shield"

Stats by Star

Damage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost
0★ 150.55--

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