Barbarian King

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update 22/06/2022
Barbarian King


One of the three starter Heroes that you get to pick when starting the game. Like a leader of an army, Barbarian King is a Hero with a super that can strengthen your allies during battle, giving them a damage increase for a few seconds. It's a great ability that can synergize well if you use Minis like the Barbarian or Valkyrie that can increase their speed.


Iron Fist

"Super: Increase the damage of all allies for a short time."

Gives +1 ATK to all allies for 4 seconds.

Born Leader

"Iron Fist heals Barbarian King for 4 HP."


"Iron Fist duration is doubled."

Duration of Iron Fist will be a total of 8 seconds.


LevelDamage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost

Deck Suggestion

Golden Giant Valkyrie Lumberjack Dart Goblin Ice Wizard

This team has the speed up ability from the Lumberjack for your allies, while the Ice Wizard slows them down. This takes advantage of Barbarian King's super so you can hit harder and faster, especially since using the super will also heal the Barbarian King for some self sustain.

  • Ideally, get Lumberjack's to max level and pick the "Quick Sip" upgrade first during battle so you can get the speed up at the start of the round.
  • Be sure to put your team in a "+" shape formation so the Lumberjack can affect a lot of allies.


If you go against the Barbarian King, there are a few ways to counter him by using certain units:

  • Giant Skeleton is always a great one to bring since its K.O ability has a pretty good chance of dealing damage to multiple frontline units, including the enemy's Barbarian King.
  • You can try to outdamage him by using Mini P.E.K.K.A or P.E.K.K.A since they can deal high damage, but you'll need to guess the right column to match them against each other. Mini P.E.K.K.A also has a dissipate upgrade that can prevent Barbarian King's super so he doesn't get the heal at level 5.
  • Archer Queen is great at dealing with enemy melee Heroes, but only if you have several frontline units to slow down their advance.
  • Ice Wizard slows down his attack speed so he won't get to take advantage of his super that much.


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