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update 07/04/2022

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A tank type Mini with a super ability that can reduce damage taken and taunt nearby enemies to attack it. Almost like the smaller version of Shield Maiden, but having a clash ability to change enemy targeting at the start can be game changing, which mostly works best against an enemy team that uses a lot of melee units.

Skill: Chivalry

"Gain Block for a short time"

Reduce damage taken by 1 for 5 seconds. Knight can still attack during this super.

  • Update Note on May 13: Chivalry now cast slightly faster.

Star Upgrades

Plate Armor

"Chivalry +3s Block Duration"

Super duration will be a total of 8 seconds.


"Clash: Forces nearby enemies to attack Knight for a short time."

Duration is about 3 seconds, and the range of the effect is about 3x3.

Light Armor

"Energy needed for Chivalry -1"

Energy cost to activate the super will be 6.

Stats by Star

Damage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost
0★ 190.57


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