Golden Giant

Golden Giant in Clash Mini. Stats, skills, abilities, stars, strategies, team builds, skins, clash, passive, boast.
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update 13/05/2022

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Golden Giant


A very high HP Mini with low damage, but has a super that can stun an enemy and provides heal to your team when he's KO-ed. Golden Giant is a good mini to bring against enemies with multiple stunning abilities since one of Golden Giant's upgrade heals him whenever he's stunned, making him last longer to soak up more damage before he goes down.

Skill: Headbutt

"Super: Attack the enemy with a headbutt, stunning them and himself for 2.5s"

Star Upgrades

Golden Helmet

"Heals 4 HP over 2s after being stunned"

The heal will activate when Golden Giant is stunned, and the heal amount is not affected by the stun's duration.

Infinite Helmet

"KO: Heal nearby allies for 4 HP over 2s"

Golden Headbutt

"Headbutt's damage and stun duration are doubled"

Total stun duration will be 5 seconds.

Stats by Star

Damage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost
0★ 2130.38


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