Wave Master

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update 19/07/2022
Wave Master


Wave Master is a Hero with pretty good crowd control. The super lets him move to the furthest enemy, dealing damage and stunning all enemies he passes through. The stun duration helps your team and the Wave Master's movement often puts him next to enemy rangers or healers to finish them off, which can ultimately change the tide of battle around.


Tidal Wave

"Super: Dash to the farthest enemy, dealing 1 damage and stunning enemies in his path for 3s."

Chaos Lover

"Heal 1 HP each time Wave Master stuns an enemy mini."

Wave Strike

"After every 5 attacks, next attack hits enemies in an arc and stuns them"

  • Updates Notes on May 13: Wave Strike will now triggers after every five basic attacks


LevelDamage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost

Deck Suggestion

Giant Skeleton Fisherman Dart Goblin KnightMini P.E.K.K.A

The Wave Master is great at disrupting enemy's board through his super. Because of this, you have more of an opportunity to bring some strong range damage dealers like the Dart Goblin without getting focused as hard due to Wave Master's long stun duration.

  • Fisherman lets you pull an enemy to your team so you can slowly build up Wave Master's super without having to fight multiple enemy frontlines.
  • Be sure to pick up Knight's Mocking upgrade to taunt enemies as a clash ability during the battle.


  • The biggest counter to Wave Master is controlling your formation. The Wave Master targets the furthest target, so you'll need to separate your main team away from another unit that's further away, which will eventually make it so that the Wave Master's super does not affect most of your team.
  • Monk is a great counter Hero to go against the Wave King since he's sturdy and hits hard. At level 5, you'll be able to get your super faster than the Wave Master, potentially taking him out early in the round.
  • Golden Giant for his heal if stunned ability is great for some self sustain, especially since Wave Master can usually do around 2 or 3 supers if left unchecked.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A is great for dissipate, especially if you get to face the Wave Master right away without getting blocked by a tank.
  • Countess has a decent matchup against the Wave Master because of her self sustain. Sometimes her super also makes her move away from Wave Master's super so she won't get hit, while she gets to attack another enemy and heal herself.


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