Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard in Clash Mini. Stats, skills, abilities, stars, strategies, team builds, skins, clash, passive, boast.
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update 18/06/2022

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Ice Wizard


A ranged Mini that can deal damage and slows them down. It's a great Mini to bring so you can counter speed based enemies like Barbarian or Archer Queen to reduce their effectiveness.

Skill: Frost Bolt

"Enemies hit become Slow."

Enemies are slowed by ?% and lasts for ? seconds.

Star Upgrades


"Frost Bolt will greatly Slow enemies."

Slows effect becomes ?.


"Frost Bolt hits all nearby enemies."

Ice Wizard's attack will become an area attack, dealing damage to the target and 1 tile around them in a "+" shaped area.

Ice Bomb

"KO: Freeze nearby enemies for a short time."

Explosion area is the shape of a diamond and affected enemies will be frozen for 2 seconds.

Stats by Star

Damage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost
0★ 150.4--

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