Shield Maiden

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update 19/05/2022
Shield Maiden


Shield Maiden is one of the three starter Heroes that you can pick when starting the game. Compared to the other two, Shield Maiden has the highest HP and is focused on tanking. With enough energy from attacking and taking hits, she gets to use her super to gain a barrier that reduces and reflects all damage taken.


Magic Shield

"Super: Gain Block and reflect some damage back to attackers for a short time"

Reduces all damage taken by 1 for 5 seconds and reflects 1 damage back to all attackers. Shield Maiden can't move or attack during this duration and will not gain any energy while it's up.

  • Updates Notes from May 13: Magic Shield will now casts slightly faster

Magnetic Shield

"Magic Shield forces all enemies to attack Shield Maiden for a short time"

Attracts all enemies to attack the Shield Maiden for 2 seconds.

Will Power

"Boast: +3 Energy"


LevelDamage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost

Deck Suggestion

Golden Giant Mini P.E.K.K.A Bowler Archer Dart Goblin

Since the Shield Maiden is mostly about tanking, you'll need a reliable damage dealing unit. Dart Goblin is a really good damage source, while the Archer is another good option to deal with the enemy's backline. Even though the Shield Maiden has enough HP to tank through damage until she gets her super, it's still recommended to bring some other tanks to help take some pressure off.

  • Golden Giant works as the main tank and helps prevent your Shield Maiden from getting Dissipated by an enemy's Mini P.E.K.K.A. Golden Giant works as an alternative as well.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A is to dissipate the enemy to prevent dangerous supers that can deal damage when Shield Maiden is guarding.
  • Battle Healer or Healing Ranger are good alternatives to bring so you can heal the Shield Maiden or other tanks during the battle.


Against the Shield Maiden, it's not recommended to use more melee units to swarm her, or use units with high attack speed since it can help her get her super faster. Instead, either bring units that can deal high damage or have ways to deal with her shield.

  • Monk can kind of be considered as her counter Hero since Monk's super can deal damage through her shield. Since it usually activates when she's low on HP, Monk's super will often be able to finish her off.
  • Magic Archer is an expensive but effective counter against the Shield Maiden. He deals piercing damage so you can potentially hit more enemies, but also has upgrades that can dissipate energy or deal more damage against units with shields.
  • P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, or Giant Skeleton are examples of units that you can bring that can deal heavy damage to finish her off before she gets her super.
  • Prince is a risky anti-tank unit since you can end up missing and make it worse, but he can be a great way to knock back a unit to prevent your team from focusing down a certain frontline unit.
  • Miner or Archer are potential counters to deal with team comps that relies heavily on Shield Maiden as the main tank.


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