Archer Queen

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update 19/05/2022
Archer Queen


One of the three starter Heroes, the Archer Queen is a ranged damage dealer that can attack safely from a distance, but has the lowest HP. While she can go down pretty easily, with the proper setup to protect and support her, the Archer Queen can become the main carry of the team, taking out multiple enemies pretty fast and getting stronger with each enemy defeated.



"Super: HUGE speed increase, and attacks hit 3 enemies for a short time"

Crossbow duration: 4s.


"Crossbow increases speed of nearby allies for a short time"

Inspire duration: 4s.

Increase all allies' speed by 30%.

Queen's Rage

"Boast: +1 damage for a short time"

Lasts for 2 seconds.


LevelDamage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost


Work in progress...

Deck Suggestion

Giant Skeleton Musketeer Dart Goblin Valkyrie Lumberjack

Taking advantage of Archer Queen's range and speed, as well as Inspire, you can build fast attack speed setup with this. You'll get a bigger value out of this setup if you have Lumberjack's "Quick Sip" ability, allowing him to use the super right at the start of the round. This effect can increase the attack speed of up to 4 units, but can be tricky to properly control who it targets.

  • Put most of your team in a "+" shape formation so Lumberjack's potion can affect most of your allies.
  • The Valkyrie should be at the top of the plus shaped formation so they get to your enemies more quickly.
  • The Giant Skeleton is the lone tank in this setup to soak up some damage before your enemies get to your team.
  • Musketeer is in the team because the super can push enemies away for a moment so you have more time to attack, but you can replace her in the deck with another tanky unit if you need more protection.

Golden Giant Giant Skeleton Prince Knight Skeleton Guard

This team setup is all about full tanks as your frontline to get your opponent away from the Queen, which can work quite well since the Archer Queen has really good solo carry potential. You'll be able to pull this off much more easily if you have the Archer Queen at level 5 or max because of the unlocked skills.

  • You can consider switching out 1 of them with another ranged unit to deal with other situations. Dart Goblin helps deal more damage, Musketeer can stun and knockback with a super, Electro Wizard has stun and dissipate, or Ice Wizard to simply slow down some enemy's speed.


Archer Queen can be pretty difficult to deal with because of her long range and powerful super, but there are ways to effectively deal with her:

  • Fisherman can be the strongest counter if you can predict your enemy, but is a risky and expensive unit to bring. Most players often put their Archer Queen in the backline, so you have some sense of where she'll be.
  • Shield Maiden is a decent Hero to go against Archer Queen since faster attack speed means more damage reflected back.
  • Similarly, Skeleton Guard is not too bad as a potential tank against the Archer Queen at low level since Skeleton Guard's super gives him a good amount of temporary HP.
  • Consider Miner and Archer to reach and deal damage to enemy backline. Archer Queen doesn't have that much HP, so these 2 can be effective to stop her from becoming a carry.
  • Wave Master's super can make him go after the enemy's Archer Queen since it's often the furthest enemy. Allowing him to deal damage, stun, and get close to her to finish her off.


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