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update 19/05/2022


Monk is a melee Hero that focuses on single target damage. Starting with 12 HP, the Monk is a fairly beefy Hero that can survive long enough to get up close and personal to an enemy so it can attack and eventually unleash its super, dealing very high damage and will often KO most enemies in the game. At level 10, this super will always KO the target, regardless of their health.


Peace Maker

"Super: Monk's next attack is a palm strike that deals 9 damage and stunning the target for 2s"

Mystic Palm

"Clash: +4 Energy"

Final Peace

"Peace Maker directly KOs the target"


LevelDamage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost

Deck Suggestion

Golden Giant Mini P.E.K.K.A Magic Archer Bowler Archer

With Mini P.E.K.K.A and Magic Archer on the team, they can help dissipate the enemy's energy to prevent certain supers from going off, giving you the advantage since Monk is good at single target damage. Together with the help of the other frontliners, you'll be able to pick off units with less chance of getting disrupted by enemy supers.

Golden Giant Giant Skeleton Lumberjack Dart Goblin Ice Wizard

This team is about widening the gap between your attack speed and the enemy's. Lumberjack increases it so you can hit more and deal more damage or build up super faster, while the Ice Wizard slows down their attack.


  • Consider using units that can dissipate enemy's energy so you can prevent Monk's super from picking off your units. Mini P.E.K.K.A, Magic Archer, Electro Wizard are the possible options. Just keep in mind to upgrade them during battle and pick their dissipating effect.
  • Giant Skeleton is a good unit to bring as your main frontline since big tanks like Golden Giant aren't going to be effective. Ideally, the Giant Skeleton survives long enough to waste the Monk's super on it. This will K.O your Giant Skeleton so it can drop a bomb and deal area damage.
  • Even though attacking more and faster with something like the Archer Queen may sound bad, she can do a pretty good job of solo carrying your team to wipe out multiple opponents on her own. Alternatively, the Dart Goblin can potentially do this as well, but the shorter range can be an issue at times.
  • Prince and Musketeer can knock him, while Ice Wizard has a slow effect. These abilities ultimately slows him down so he can't use that many supers, allowing you to attack more while he's moving around.


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