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update 19/07/2022
Royal Champion


Royal Champion is a ranged Hero that has the potential to turn the fight around if it's the last one standing. Having a pretty good attack speed and an energy cost of 6, the Royal Champion can build up its super somewhat quickly, making the next attack a shield throw that deals decent damage and provides a stun. If it manages to KO an enemy, the Royal Champion can use the super again, potentially doing combo chains to wipe out your enemies. At level 10, this becomes more reliable and easier to do because of the bounce effect.


Bouncing Shield

"Throws a bouncing shield towards enemies, dealing 2 damage and stun briefly. Gain full Enemrgy if the sheild KOs an enemy"

Stun duration is 1 seconds.

Epic Throw

"Bouncing Shield +2 damage"


"Increases Attack Speed greatly when she is your last Mini in battle."

Speed is increased by ?%.


LevelDamage per HitHPHit per SecondEnergy Cost

Deck Suggestion

Giant SkeletonArcher Valkyrie Magic Archer Bowler

This team setup gives you a decent chance at scoring a combo kills for the Royal Champion to get multiple supers off. The Minis used in the deck have area attacks to deal damage to multiple enemies, lowering them early on when Royal Champion is ramping up before scoring multikills.

Golden Giant Giant Skeleton Fisherman Valkyrie Wizard

If you don't want to put too much focus on your backline with low HP ranged units, you can bring more tanky Minis to help fight in the frontline.

  • Giant Skeleton is always good for this as the main Mini to tank and soak up some damage.
  • Golden Giant is the second tank to handle stuns.
  • Valkyrie and the Wizard are the splash damage dealers for Royal Champion's super.
  • Fisherman can be kind of a gamble Mini to bring since you can miss, but a great counter to enemy's ranged units.


  • Golden Giant when upgraded gets a heal whenever it's stunned, making it a great tank to soak up a lot of damage and prevent the Royal Champion from chain killing your units.
  • Since the Royal Champion's range isn't that far, you can lure him forward so that you can take advantage of Miner's backstab ability extra damage.
  • Healing Ranger or Battle Healer helps keep your health up to prevent chain kills.
  • Prince knocks back your opponent's main tank so you can reach Royal Champion more easily. Alternatively, Fisherman can hook him to your team instead. Both can be a risky pick if you miss, but is worth using to take down the Royal Champion faster.


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