Lava Golem Raid Guide

Lava Golem raid event in Clash Mini. How to defeat Lava Golem, best decks to beat Lava Golem, best heroes and minis to win against Lava Golem.
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update 27/04/2022

What is Lava Golem

Lava Golem Raid Guide

Lava Golem is a raid boss that you can fight once you enter a clan. In the Clan screen, tap the left arrow next to the chatbox to view the raid screen and to join or create a raid boss room.

A raid room is only available for 48 hours, and new rooms can only be created after 48 hours, even if the boss is defeated before the time is up.

Lava Golem Raid Guide

Fighting the Lava Golem is similar to a regular duel where you have to win 3 rounds in order to win the battle. However, unlike regular online PvP duels, you will be able to see the opponent's board and where they are moved to, allowing you to more easily make counter plays.

Lava Golem Raid Guide

A raid boss has a total of 1000 HP shared across the guild and starts at level 1. It will get progressively stronger as its HP goes down, increasing in levels and gaining new abilities as well as higher HP and damage.

You can reduce its HP by earning victory points during battle.

  • Winning 3 rounds with no losses gives 15 points.
  • Winning 3 rounds with 1 loss gives 12 points.
  • Winning 3 rounds with 2 losses gives 10 points.

Defeating the Lava Golem gives all participants 5 Hero Fragments, 5 Gems, and 250 Golds. You must get at least 10 points in the raid in order to be eligible for the rewards.

Lava Golem Details

In the raid screen where you can see the names of all participants, you can slide the screen to view Lava Golem's information.

Lava Golem Raid Guide

At level 1, Lava Golem always has the same ability, and it's a super that throws lava blobs at 3 targets. Its next 2 abilities are unlocked when it reaches levels 3 and 7, and the skills it gets are randomized, so you will have to check the information screen for each raid fight.

Lava Golem Raid Guide

Scrolling below, you will also be able to see Lava Golem's deck so you can properly prepare for it before entering the fight. In the raid, the Lava Golem can place up to 7 other units on the field, so bringing some units that can deal area damage is recommended.

Best Units to Use Against Lava Golem


Monk is the best Hero to use to go against Lava Golem, simply because he can deal a lot of damage with his super. Since you can see where your opponents are, you can easily place the Monk where it can reach the boss but not get focused on by the enemy so you can land some supers to deal high damage.

Spear Goblin Fisherman Bowler

The advantage of being able to see the opponent's board means you can't really miss with clash abilities like these, eliminating the risk of bringing them on the team.

  • Spear Goblin is excellent at taking out a unit at the start of the fight. With 2 upgrades, the Spear Goblin can deal 8 damage from the clash and get +1 ATK after defeating an enemy. If the enemies are too tanky, you can go for the stunning effect instead.
  • Fisherman is so you can quickly deal with some dangerous ranged units, even if they are protected by a tanky unit in front of them.
  • Bowler's clash effect deals damage and stuns enemies. It's good since it can potentially hit multiple enemies, but the stun can also play a crucial role against high level Lava Golem to slow it down at the start of the fight.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Lava Golem's super deals high damage and hits multiple targets. At higher levels, Lava Golem may get additional abilities that enhance its super. Using units that can dissipate, like Mini P.E.K.K.A can be crucial to winning the fight since it can prevent Lava Golem's super.

Magic Archer and Electro Wizard can also dissipate an enemy's energy, but they are both not as good as Mini P.E.K.K.A since they're slower.

Dart Goblin

Lava Golem moves around the area pretty slowly, so you can take advantage of it by using Dart Goblin, a powerful ranged damage dealer with high attack speed. It's strong enough that it can be your main win condition for your team as long as you can keep it alive.

Valkyrie Wizard

In the raid fight, Lava Golem can put up to 7 other units on the board, excluding Lava Golem itself. You can end up having a tough time if you don't have any units that can deal area damage like Wizard or Valkyrie.

They are helpful, but not always necessary since you can try to bring more damage and get quick kills before getting swarmed.

Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard's slowing effect is very powerful, especially if the slow's effectiveness is upgraded. Slowing Lava Golem's attack speed means taking fewer hits, and can occasionally delay or even cancel its super if you're also using dissipate like from Mini P.E.K.K.A. Movement will also be slower, allowing your ranged units like Dart Goblin to keep attacking before Lava Golem reaches it.


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